About Me

Life has been a bout of ups and down and in writing I find air to breath in and out.

Life is a beautiful journey, we just need to identify which channel is the finest for us.

I grew up very sickly and always in the hospital; it is hard to fit in and compete when we get behind everyone else. It is a matter of attitude on how to face our lifes situation, the most effective way is to take one step backwark and two steps forward whenever we don’t feel confident at times…

More about myself:

It is hard to find ease when our heart is so shattered, it took me sometime too to find out that it is in writing where I will find my joy.

Besides writing, I gave myself fully to God and made devotion to the Black Nazarene Our Lord Jesus and everything just followed through. “I believe that our journey as a christian takes a lifetime and it takes our whole life to be one and there should be no turning back.”

I won’t say that life has been perfect since but with these, it’s been easier and lighter whenever a difficulty in life arises.

Life is a continous cycle so “Let us not focus and stop on being good, but let us aim to be better everyday.”