I wrote this poem and entered to the international World Digest Competition around globe. Though it didn’t made it to the top 10 among the 2,200plus entrees, I’m very proud of it. enjoy.

A true story about a child who was molested at a very early age. Molestation can happen anywhere, anytime, in split moment. May this be an awareness for everyone. Feel free to share.



By. Meline C. Ngo

The entrance of the magazine stall is a mob
I am so little among the crowd
I’m a regular shopper of this stall
Everyone today seems so tall
Some days of the week are marked
Waiting for the days special to be put out
I am among of the eager ones
Not to be told the hottest item is sold out
When the stall finally opens
The buyers goes wild and mad
I am at the dead centre of the mob
I can’t move as I was grasped by this mortal
I am just a bairn
Who doesn’t know what is this phenomenon
I feel so helpless, desperate, and broken
There was long dandling back and front up and below
Before the crowd mellow down
I was freed by the strong body
I run home scared terrified and confused
I weeped I didn’t know whom to speak
I don’t know if I want to state
My life became offensive
It blocked all my childhood memories
Until one day I found assist
To finally clear the past
But still the scar exist
My fear for every child
Remains a torment
May no more of juvenile
Be assailant of pervert
For the persecution that one have to endure
Will be a retrospect till world without end

Poem Type: Narrative
February 2, 2016

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