Dwelling in His Presence

Dwelling in His Presence


Dwelling in His Presence

By. Meline Ngo

Let Your Divine light shine upon us
Touch the heart and mind
Of our generation and the next
To completely surrender to You

Let the world kneel upon Your presence
May we bow down our heads and pride
To praise You ,and lift Your glory
As we cry for Your blessings

We love You Lord
We lift up our hearts in Your name
We call upon Your holiness
Teach us to love You more

Teach us how to bend our selfish ways
Teach us to exalt Your Holy name
Touch our spirits and embrace us With your mercy

keep us in Your loving arms
Keep reach with your unending grace
Protect us from the harm of evil
Pardon our sins with your love

We love you Lord
We lift up our hearts
We call upon your Holy name
Let us love you more

@Copyright Meline Ngo


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