I Have Faith In My Holy Bible

I Have Faith In My Holy Bible

By. Meline Ngo

Bible was written 70 years after following the resurrection of Jesus.

Bible The Bible did not simply fall from the heaven but we owe this to the apostles and the evangelists of the early

They make no pretense to answer all the questions concerning the faith of others but are a collection of testimonies where we discover the person of Jesus and impelled by the power of His resurrection.

Why is there a new testament after the old one?
Because each forms a part of salvation history and a revelation of God within the history,

The cross of Jesus separates these two phases. In the old testament, people are being formed. The message of Jesus was to overcome the narrow-mindedness of their nationalism and fanaticism in order to find here and now the kingdom and justice of God. The history of Israel had to flow into a new era with the Universal people of God, who would be rich in the knowledge of the Father and of the Son. such people would practice non-violence which can overcome division and oppression.

The New Testament does not replace the old. Jesus preaching does not make warnings of the prophets irrelevant.

Love does not replace Justice.



The salvation promised to the Jewish people is not replaced by the salvation of the souls. But rather the gospel is presented as the liberating truth which redirects history and moves all civilizations towards the goal of re-union and reconciliation in church of all human powers.


Salvation transform humankind and renews creation.

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