Lady of the Bible: Lydia


Read Acts 16:6-40

She is commonly known as “St. Lydia” or even more simply “The Woman of Purple,”

Her Name: Lydia Purpuraria (1st century) was born at Thyatira (Ak-Hissar), a town in Asia Minor, famous for its dye works, (hence, her name which means purple seller). She became Paul’s first convert at Philippi. She was baptized with her household, and Paul stayed at her home there. Her feast date is August 3.

Signifies the she was a woman from Lydia, the Region in Asia Minor in which Thyatira lay. (Thyatira is about 50 miles northeast of Izmir, Turkey)

Her Character: A worshiper of God. A gentile adherent to Judaism from Thyatira in Asia Minor, she is a successful businesswoman who sold a type of cloth prized for its purple color. As a head of her household, she may have been single or widowed.

Her Sorrow: To see that Paul and Silas whipped, beaten and thrust into prison for the sake of the gospel she had embraced.

Her Joy: That God’s Spirit directed Paul and his companions to Macedonia, enabling her and others at Philippi to hear the Gospel for the first time.

Praying With Lydia

“On the day we went outside the gate by the river, where we supposed there was a place of prayer; and we sat down and spoke to the women who had gathered there.”
– Acts 16:13

Praise God: For sending messenger of the gospel.

Offer Thanks: That God enables us to believe by first opening our hearts to faith.

Confess: Any way we may have neglected prayer, especially in communion with other believers.

Ask God: To help us make prayer a greater priority in our life.



Lift your Heart

It was interesting to note that the Holy Spirit directed Paul to Macedonia and ultimately to a group of women who had already gathered for prayer. Perhaps their faithfulness in prayer was a magnet that attracted God’s spirit. Let us pray for a greater opening for the gospel. Perhaps God will create an “uproar” in our community as a result of our prayer if we too will find ways in making new ‘green sanctuary” with our friends. Sing hymns, pray, and ask God for fresh outpouring of His Spirit in our church, homes, neighborhood, and nation.

            Lord, the scripture says that you will inhabit the praises of your people. Come now and dwell with us as we seek your face. Let the fresh wind of your Holy Spirit fall on us. May our Churches, Homes, and neighborhoods become places of prayer, shaking the world around us in a way that brings you glory.


A modern Greek Orthodox outdoor chapel on what is said to be the site where Lydia was baptized.


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