Madonna’s RebelHeart Stabbed Mine

thumb_IMG_4414_1024 Madonna’s RebelHeart Stabbed Mine

By. Meline Ngo

Madonna is known to be the Queen of Pop, a music icon and already considered as one legend in the music industry. So when it was announced that she will be having a concert here in the Philippines, I can’t deny myself to be one of those who was eager to get a ticket and make sure a get a good seat; but definitely not the most expensive though. Too much for my pocket. I grew up listening to her music and seeing her on the big screen; I’m not a big fan; but hey this is Madonna! I need to see this now or never. So as early as September of 2014, I had my ticket on hand. All set.


So the big day February 24, 2016 the RebelHeart Concert. Finally, !!! The Queen of Pop is here and I get to see her LIVE!!! I was there 30 minutes before 8 o’clock anticipating the queuing and security checks. And when I was seated; whew! I can feel the excitement of all the people around and I was pretty happy with my seat. I have the best viewing I believe. People around me are already taking pictures of the stage, taking selfies, a lot of fans from the audience too are coming other countries who flew in just to watch the concert, and some are in full costume dressed like Madonna. I spotted few local artist, celebrities, and known personalities around too.

Just observing at the preparation they did, everything seems to be extremely extravagant, evidently, it’s what the audience are paid for. From the lightings, sounds, the stage, with all the hydraulic lifts, 4 huge LED screens flipping, folding and turning all over during the production numbers, simply impressive.

The opening number here it comes! Everyone are shouting their heart out with excitement to see Madonna! With each new motion, light and sound effects, more shouting arouse from the audience! Then Madonna came down in a cage from a crane above and more cheering of “Madonna!!!” from the crowd grew; and more dancers rising from underneath of the stage came up!!! Just awesome.

Then it was followed by more songs from her old hits and her new released songs and the crowd grew wilder as the night gone deeper.

Madonna indeed is a world class performer and may deliver the greatest concert in the world. Undeniably she is the “Queen of Pop” as she is now, the artistry of her concert I may say as it was being at its best.

However, as a very devout Catholic, my heart was stabbed and broke into pieces, I was so hurt looking at the crucifix used by the dancers in pole dancing, while the dancers were using the veil of a nun together with a bra and bikini only at the bottom. And suddenly a long table popped up depicting the last supper together with the disciples eating and dressed acting lustfully on that particular scene. My heart shed blood, I felt so insulted, embarrassed and so humiliated, I wanted to puke.

I don’t want to post any picture from the concert because it will turn out promoting such obscene scenario.

Looking and thinking back at the scenes and images that they have delivered and showed during the concert, I pity Madonna. She and her songs, the graphics that I saw, she is a very disturbed person. She is very sick and thru this music she releases her inner senses, sufferings, bearings… she finds air in music, it is probably her only exhaust where she can express herself. We never know what plight she is going thru or she’s been from the beginning. She even calls herself “Bitch” though she said that people have always thought of her that way for what she does and what they see on her, but she repeatedly said she always believed that there is still “Love”.

Madonna visited orphans while here in the Philippines, and called them her “Homies”. She helps a lot of charities around the world and known to be a “Humanitarian” and a “Philanthropist”. Maybe this is the “Love” side that Madonna have in her.

Madonna’s RebelHeart stabbed me badly, I hope it will be not too late for Madonna to find herself and realized what she is looking for. This is an eye opener to everyone that no matter how rich or poor, young and old a person is, each one has their own glitch. I wish her well and I yearn for her to use her popularity to spread more of her good side than her “Bitchy” side.

And for “Delicadeza’s” sake, don’t dare performing obscene acts on countries like ours.

I know I wasn’t alone for what I felt. RebelHeart, stop stabbing our hearts. Seek God to mend your RebelHeart. It’s not too late.

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