Olive Tress and Oils of Córdoba, Spain

Olive Trees and Oil of Córdoba, Spain

Olive Farms, Jaen province Spain


During my trip in Spain and on our way to Córdoba, part of the region of Andalusia Spain coming from Granada, we passed by all these olive farms in Jaen province, that makes olive oil which is the main product of Spain. And Jaen province supplies the 45% of olives of Europe and one of the biggest sources in the world.


The Olive Tree

The olive is said to only 1 season per year and it takes 10 kilos to produce 1 liter of olive oil!!! No wonder olive oil is so expensive!

It takes 3 years for an olive tree before it begin bearing fruits, and a 10 year old tree would start generating the ideal produce per year which is approximately 20 to 40 kilos per year per tree. (Thus it makes 1-2 liters of olive oil only per tree!) and It takes 3 months to harvest per tree.

“Extra virgin olive the best kind of all its variety.”


Olive oil factories in Jaen, Spain.



The Italy claims that they produce the first olive oil, the Spain too claims that they produce the first!!! It’s because the both have very similar product, and have same dry lands, and produce. Who knows who really did??? They too doesn’t really know!



This used to be the Castle that belongs to the Baron who owns these land where farmers pay their taxes for using their lands.


The Castle is now owned by the state.


And the farms are owned by cooperatives.




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