By. Meline Ngo

Where should I start?
Where should I look?
What should I savor?
When should I commence?

My abbey or the bureaucracy?
A vicious man on a cloak from a savage man?
Should I eat a concealed bread of life or taste the brutality of this earth?
Whenever I will bow down, you show no mercy!

How cruel both for you to demand such!
Shows no compassion and no clemency!
Craving for sponsors and great hunger for alleys;
At every chance I try to give, you stab my heart to bleed.

It has to be earned; with morality and integrity.
With nourished pedagogues,
Laying down a buffet of discipline and justices;
And let it generate, only then it can be established.

#m0nsterangelpoem #m0nsterangeldiary

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