Special Blessings

Special Blessings


When David had finished offering the burnt offerings and the offerings of well-being, he blessed the people in the name os the LORD.
I Chronicles 16:2

Special blessing prayer is a unique blessing that is designed to bless our journey or efforts and to help the us for a more intimate and special personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

it is our encounter with God. In blessing, God’s gift and and our acceptance of it are united in dialogue with each other. The prayer of blessing is our response to God’s gifts: because God blesses, the our heart can in return bless the One who is the source of every blessing.

A Family invites a priest over to bless their new home.

Children brings their pets to the Church for the blessing of the Animals on the Feast of St. Francis

Two friends in a restaurant making the sign of the cross and say grace before meal before eating their food.

Special blessings are a part of our Catholic living. These are the holy words where God enters our everyday existence and help us use His gifts in the spirit of the Gospel.

Blessing is divine and life-giving action, the source of which is the Father; His blessing is both word and gift. When applied to us, the word “blessing” means adoration and surrender to his Creator in thanksgiving.

Some of these prayers of blessing can be said by any of us, while some are only for bishops, priests, or deacons. But all of them are “let it happen” statements that originated with God and are spoken on His behalf.

God Himself pronounced the first blessings – over the birds and sea creatures, Adam and Eve, Noah and his son (Genesis I 22; 9.1). He taught Aaron, Israel’s first high priest, to bless the people in His name. (Numbers 6: 22-26) The New Testament also showed Jesus blessing children, food, and His followers.

Because blessings come from God, they really do something. Like a key ignition, they activate a special kind of endowment: Food is made holy, catechists are commissioned, home and religious articles are dedicated to God’s service, and animals are put under special protection.

Through the words of every blessing, we are reminded that God is the source of Life and every good thing.

Even if we ask God to purify what we offer, we acknowledge that the offering itself is something He has blessed us with.

The blessings of Scriptures and the Church also give us a glimpse into God’s hope for us. Without confronting “What does God want for my life?” they also leave no doubt that Gods only intends goodness.

Blessing verbalises a loving God’s desire for His children welfare. They are God’s wishes made audible.

 Bishops, priests, or deacons not receive any special favor from God. God has called each one of us to serve Him in a unique way. Some of us are to serve Him as clergy, medical doctors, school teachers, carpenters, auto mechanics, or politicians, for example. Bishops, priests, or deacons are just as responsible as any other persons to serve God! Each person has a unique responsibility before God to please Him. God grants each one a unique blessing in response to his or her obedience and relationship with Him.

Some claim and others may imply that God grants them special favor because they are Bishops, priests, or deacons, but that is not necessarily true. What is true, is that they who labor hard in the scriptures will receive a unique and special blessing from the Lord because they are in God’s Word much more than many us. The last phrase of the following verse indicates that there is a special blessing to anyone, not just Bishops, priests, or deacons, who spends time in the scriptures, (1 Thessalonians 2:13).

Bishops, priests, or deacons, and teachers can receive great blessings through the ministry of the scriptures when they labor in it because the Word is powerful and it performs a work within anyone who interacts with it.

The special blessing continues when those who are taught the scriptures grant them special honor. Yet, they are subject to greater discipline when they sin and when they teach the scriptures incorrectly. May the Lord bless you richly as you study His Word.


Blessing  is the infusion of us with holiness, spiritual redemption, or divine will.




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