Suicide and the Emptiness Inside

Suicide and the Emptiness Inside

Meline Ngo

It’s Better to Lose Face to Depression, than to Lose Life to Suicide.

This is just a brief article about suicide and depression.

I often wonder which is worse between committing suicide and living life empty; Continuing living without a life.

The suicidal who survived are asks why they tried to commit suicide; but who in the right mind will want to do it?

This kind of questions should not be asked and instead, help should be given and find out what triggered them to do it. This is such a serious matter and life is at stake.

The most common feeling among suicidal is the feeling of emptiness. They no longer feel any sense of purpose in their life and has nothing to look forward to. Every day they live their life but all they can think of is, “why am I here? What am I supposed to do? I’m so tired. I don’t want to be here. I can’t do this. I just want to sleep. Why can’t I sleep? I can’t go on. I just want to die.” Despite they are looking good and smiling happily everyday with us.

But time will come that this people will talk and eventually open up. And when you encounter someone, who complains this way often, this is a sign of severe depression that can lead to suicide. And Please DO NOT IGNORE!!!  Most often than not, there is a triggering factor in their life that led them to become the way they are and they need your help, and do not hesitate. YOU CAN SAVE THEIR LIFE!!!  


Start by talking to the person. There are times that the person themselves may not be aware of what exactly is happening to them and just need a little boost. It may not be too late for them. And that is great. But to others, they need a lot of “TLC” Tender Love, and Care. And please be patient with them, they tend to be redundant with their stories and can be very long, all they need are ears to listen and your company. But there will be few that may need professional help and do not think twice of taking them; Or it might be too late. They may need proper medication and regular therapy or counseling and all we can do is support them to take the professional help.

These suicidal are extremely delicate, they are very sensitive and need a lot of care. They cannot live alone and cannot be left alone, time can be very crucial. Anything can trigger them at any moment when they are not stable. It is important to avoid them from negative thoughts such as watching news, reading newspapers, even social media. Encourage them to engage in sports, or any hobby that suits them best. At this time, support of the family is very important.

One thing about suicide is it can become habitual AND ADDICTIVE. Once you tried it, it can become very easy to do it again and can be very satisfying.   

It has been said that, during the moment that they are on the act of suicide, they are actually aware of it but they are not in control of themselves.” All they can think of is to end what is happening now and no longer think of what is next, as if this is the only way out. This is it!!! No one can understand what they’ve really gone thru.

A lot of people still deny of what is depression. Depression take lives. It has been taking lives. Save some lives. If you know someone, help them. Don’t hesitate.

It’s Better to Lose Face to Depression, than to Lose Life to Suicide.




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