The Crossing – 2nd part

The Crossing – 2nd part

Meline Ngo

This is the fourth day after I wrote my first appeal for help to find my missing guy and sending and sharing my story to everyone. Calling all I can think of, eating the least I could and do a lot to make the time faster and forget about my hunger. I pray a lot during sleepless nights; I cry and weep most often than not to Thy Father Jesus of Nazareth, that He gives me more time. I may not find the missing guy, but may my sufferings and offerings be enough to save and spare his life.


I may only have 5 days left in Korea, I pray that my missing guy will continue to be healthy and hold on to his life; while I’ll continue what I promised to do for 40 days of offering for him to Thy Father Jesus of Nazareth. May my 40 days not be too late to save him.


Not many people believe in God anymore. More so, for them to believe the words of a devotee.  And no one believes any miracle from God even if it’s right in front of their own eyes because they deny God right from the very beginning and refuse to realize what they see, and rejects to listen to what they’ve actually heard.


The second person I’ve asked for help which I miss to mention on my first article was actually a Korean; she’s a fellow of our religious organization that I trusted would believe for what I will say since she lives far and know very little of me. But being a fellow of our religious organization gave me full trust she will and we share the same faith and intentions in the organization, but after that call I never heard from her.


Two weeks after, I received a message from a family member that I’m being talk behind my back for having a ‘healing power.’ I don’t mind being talked behind my back, but I was surprise when I got where it came from, it was quite hurtful; and the word ‘power’ is an insult to which should be regarded to as ‘gift.’ Having these kind of gift is not at all easy and all happiness. I don’t want to say so much but I hope that we can just be thankful for each other’s gifts and blessings.


I am open to anyone and everyone who needs me and I have a lifetime obligation to Thy Father for what I have and there is no turning back. It doesn’t sound very easy doesn’t it? Just like finding my missing guy.


“It takes a lifetime to be a Christian, and it takes my whole life to be one.”





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