The Crossing

The Crossing

Meline Ngo

It was in the morning of March 20, 2018, I arrived Daegu of South Korea full of smile, hope, and courage in my heart with my hashtag in my mind “time to shine.”


I made this hashtag for myself since it’s been almost 3 years that I’ve made peace with myself and rested from the roller coaster life I went thru. I stayed inside my house almost like a hermit after closing my business and made amend to my autoimmune disease and stay healthy. I only allow myself to go out when it concerns my family or I will be with my family, church, the charity or civic organization that I belong to.


My journey to Korea is to finish my first novel. I need the details, a lot of details; bits and pieces and more political knowledge especially on Korean election.


My Second day in Daegu somehow gave my journey to Korea a twist of fate. My Lord and my God has given me a task. A big one. He trust me this much as if I can pull so much people to hand this person over to me in a snap of a finger.


I’ve been a devotee of Thy Lord Jesus the Black Nazarene for almost 25 years and been serving Him since. I have received great blessing, and gifts from this fervors and devotion. But it comes with so many trials, struggles, and dropping of so many earthly desires, dreams, and aspirations are part of the package. He always comes first and we don’t make Him wait. We should always be ready for Him and be ready to drop everything. At least for me, this has always how it’s been for us. Because I always believe that “Jesus died on the cross to pay the debt for our sins; but His soul was overwhelmed with sorrow, for He carried our sins within Him, in His body.” Therefore, “The Passion of Christ is the Love Story between Jesus and Us.” That is why my love for Him is must be eternal as well.


Thy Father Jesus of Nazarene has given me this names for a while but I never thought the person will be Korean. Its  Chinese characters so I thought he is Chinese. I just realized that Koreans used Chinese characters and read them in Hangeul. He gave me 3 sets of names that must belong to just one person thus I’ve been calling this person ‘the trinity’.


As I visited The St. Kim Church that day, the person was revealed to me. I was very stunned. All I could say was “my Lord and my God.” My mind was racing. As I always feel comfortable talking casually with Thy Father. I smiled and laughed and whispered to Him, “Ama, gi-nu-good-time mo ako, ano? Garu ka man dyan maka isip ka man kung anong ipagibo sako, grabe naman pag tubod mo saku ay?” (Father! Are you having a goodtime with me?! You just made up that task now and let me do it? You believe me that much?”) Right then and there, I felt drops of water on my face. Then I said again, “my Lord, and my God. I believe.”


I really don’t know where to start and how to start. Finding this kind of person is very important and should be my priority know instead of my own purpose. But first who will even believe me for who I am? And who will listen to me?


My first attempt; I told the police officer in Daegu that I met. I told him everything about the trinity, the revelation, and most of all for who I am and my devotion. I even tried to convince him be telling him to send me cancer patient and I will show him my gift of healing. And he can persecute me for pretending to be a healing if I cannot heal the sick or put me on the next plane if he proves me wrong just send me to this person. But all he can say was “sorry I can’t do anything for you.” My heart really sunk down; I wonder why he won’t help me? Was it because my source was religious? Does he find me fake or suspicious? Or maybe he just really doesn’t care.


The rest of my days in Daegu was spent in a coffee shop in front of my second hotel. I transferred from my first accommodation which was rated nicely at a website but was definitely not as seen on picture and was haunted. Yes, it is another gift that I have; these spirits that you call ghost are just actually earth bound spirits. I see heavenly saints too.


I met these baristas in Daegu and made new friends there, later I told them about this guy and told them that I have something from My Father to give him. At least these guys were so honest to tell me, “you will find him in Seoul, he lives there.” These young baristas gave me light and hope. And another man I met was a graduate from Manila

Who is now running an English school who sends me off to Busan.


I almost missed my KTX to Busan; just a matter of seconds I hooped in to the train it already started running. When a ask the old man for the direction for my track, he pointed at me with his finger and his both feet in running action and shouting at me “pai, pai! pai! pai!” I realized I needed to run fast!


My time in Busan was very constrained; I didn’t know that there were many things to see I only allotted one day trip in the area. The Cherry Blossoms were so beautiful though they were still not so in full bloom my tour specialist said, it can be much more prettier if I came a week later.


My tour specialist was an active Christian, we had a great time talking about religion and surprisingly, even here in Korea, Christians are preaching the same thing. They seem to be scaring people about this world will be ending. I told him that my daughter grew up as a Christian and we never argue about it and I respect Christians. and he mentioned something that was just also mentioned by my daughter; and I answered to him the same. “We should see it as a reminder, and for us who already know Jesus to keep preaching and not stop preaching. And not scare people. The only way to repent is to know Jesus.”


All the calamities, tragedies, war are not signs that the world is ending. this is an eye opener for the people, that in the end, we will all return to God and pray. When we are at in the midst of despair, the last resort is to pray. Why wait? Why does God always comes last? So why not pray now and repent. I believe this is all what He wants. We all go back to Him. Live life and pray with Him.


The next day I was in Jeju, its already Holy week, and I am staying here for two days. Maybe I can share my gifts to some people here I’ve talked the whole day with my TS and she helped me. So we went to a church near my hotel, my TS dropped me off after introducing me so I can stay as long as I want she said.


I introduced myself and I was talking to a father who has very limited English and is being translated by a very young beautiful lady who is very eloquent English speaker I must say for Korean at her age but to my regret; they are not just interested. But at least I shared my prayer of the Black Nazarene to him and he was the only Father so far that has talked to me and I don’t regret it now even giving him the only personal and original picture I have of my image I kept in my wallet that is very precious to me.


Then I came to Seoul, the challenge becomes harder. day after day becomes tougher to get through. I have so many days here. I wanted to share my gifts. But I’ve been shut down twice but the biggest church. They said “our fathers also gives blessing to the sick.”

The second church. “it is very impossible to talk to our father especially if I’m here in the office.” Said the male attendant.


Above and beyond all these, my time seems to be running out. The person I am supposed to find is dying.


“My Lord, and my God. What am I supposed to do?” the church won’t even want me for my gifts, would they even help me find this person?


This time I send a message again to the police officer in Daegu. And this time, I sent him pictures of me and what I do at home and my faith so he can for himself what I do for Thy father. He replied something that I felt somehow know he seems to believe me.


Then, he said all he could really do is search in the internet despite he is a police since it needs a police warrant for a Korean office to open a personal individual ID. And in my case the court will never allow.


He suggested that I go to Philippine embassy and find assistance. Isn’t it odd for a Korean to tell me to go ask the Philippine embassy to ask help to save a life of a fellow Korean?


So I told him “Why would a Filipino bother to save a Korean if a fellow Korean won’t bother?”


I am so desperate I had to call a friend at home who might just be able to help me. I was crying so hard when we were talking. He was the only person at home who found out what I am going thru. I hope he can pull some strings for me.


It is very hard to see death in other person and to know your gifts. But we cannot interfere to all the people at any time despite knowing your ability.  It is very hard to have special gift and blessings from Thy Father. It is a lifetime obligation and no turning back. Some people will see you as lunatic. Many people talk about you behind your back. You lose a lot of friends. But there are more people who needs to be served.


As of today all I can do is to abstain and offer my meals to the person I’m looking for. And pray to Thy Father to keep the person healthy and alive whether I meet him or not while I am here in Korea.


Viva Jesus Viva Maria Viva Jose








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