The Greatest Gift of All, Jesus.

The Greatest Gift of All, Jesus.

By. Meline Ngo

When we were born, each one of us has a a very especial gift on our side. It is for us to discover in time and see what is inside that gift. Because this is so very special, we personally have to realized that we have this gift with us all this time. Finding the right time opening the gift comes to us in different ways, in different situations. No one else can open it for us, coz each gift is personalized.

Opening gifts makes all of us excited.. And when we see what’s inside, that is the only time when that something within us tells ourselves how we want to accept the gift. Sometimes it takes awhile to understand and recognize what is it? Out of surprise; happiness; or maybe it was just really something didn’t expected at all. Some will just believe in it on an instant, others may feel so overwhelmed and feel guilt for receiving such a very special gift and reject it for sometime and wait a little while to fully acknowledge the gift.

But this gift, is so special that the Holy Spirit must touch our heart to enable to assume ownership of this priceless possession….because inside this gift is Jesus.

Have you opened you gift? How unique is our gift?


Jesus as one of us was born by Mary is unique. No father that would link Him to Adam and Eve. But have a mother Mary with the blood line of Abraham son of David. Jesus has performed miracles during His life here on earth like waking up the dead like His good friend Lazarus, it is not Jesus that gave life to Lazarus but the Holy Spirit came to rise up Lazarus. Jesus himself too was resurrected from the death.


Who is really Jesus? He is the Christ, the “Anointed One,” or the “Messiah.” The name “Jesus” is derived from the Hebrew-Aramaic word “Yeshua,” meaning “Yahweh [the Lord] is salvation.” The name “Christ” is actually a title for Jesus. It comes from the Greek word “Christos,” meaning “the Anointed One,” or “Messiah” in Hebrew.


Jesus Christ was crucified and He resurrected three days after his death, appeared to His disciples, and then ascended into heaven. His life and death provided the atoning sacrifice for our sins. We were separated from God because of Adam’s sin, but reconciled back to God through Jesus Christ’s Death and Resurrection. He restored our fellowship with God, and reopened our way to eternal life.


However difficult to understand; Jesus is God, or Immanuel, “God with us.” Jesus Christ has always existed and has always been God, and He was not only fully God, but fully man. Jesus was sent human so he could identify with our weaknesses and struggles, and most importantly so that He can die to redeem us for our sins.


IMG_0866Thus, If you don’t believe in the Holy Trinity’, there is no room for you in the bible. Because the Bible talks about the Father sending His Son Only Begotten Jesus to the world Through the Holy Spirit and tells all about how He lived on earth and showed miracles and humbly calling and thanking His Father every time His prayer is heard.

We must received Jesus as our Savior and Lord, and then we shall know and experience His love which is the greatest gift that anyone can have, and we can achieve this through faith and entrusting ourselves entirely to Him. Let Christ come into our life and forgive our sins and let Him mould us to be what He wants us to be.


Believe and pray, we can receive God’s gift to us with all our heart, with faith. Because He is Jesus, let Him touch your life.

He is the greatest gift of all.


Jesus never want anything from us, all He ever want from us is to receive Him in our life.

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